Police Misconduct in NYC

Police misconduct is generally defined as unlawful acts committed by a law enforcement officer which violate the constitutional rights of another person. In certain cases, the law enforcement agency is also liable for damages because it engages in a practice and pattern of allowing the civil rights violations.

New York's civil rights attorney, Rochelle Berliner, represents men and women who are the victims of serious police misconduct in New York City by the New York Police Department (NYPD) and other area law enforcement agencies. Although she is selective in the cases that she pursues, Rochelle Berliner has handled several high profile cases involving police misconduct involving the City of New York Police Department (NYPD).

Her experience as a former prosecutor with the New York County District Attorney's Office in Manhattan and the Office of Special Narcotics also provides her with great insight into how these civil rights cases should be aggressively pursued. As a member of the National Police Accountability Project (NPAP), Rochelle Berliner supports NPAP's mission of ending police misconduct and excessive force through public education, coordinated legal action, and public education.

Police Misconduct Attorney in NYC

If you were the victim of police misconduct in the greater New York City area, then contact a civil rights attorney for the five boroughs including Queens (Queens County), Brooklyn (Kings County), Manhattan (New York County), the Bronx (Bronx County) or Staten Island (Richmond County), NY.

Rochelle Berliner also represents the victims of serious police misconduct cases throughout Long Island including Mineola in Nassau County and Riverhead in Suffolk County. When filing civil rights lawsuits for police misconduct claims, most are pursued in federal court. Rochelle Berliner represents the victims of police misconduct in New York's Eastern and Southern Districts.

This website is intended to be a useful resource for victims of Police Misconduct in any of the New York boroughs (Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Mahattan), Suffolk County, and Nassau County. It provides information on the steps required to pursue a claim, in addition to details on specific claims that can be filed. This includes:

  • Notice of claim;
  • Use of excessive force;
  • Police brutality;
  • Treating citizens that complain as adversaries;
  • Failing to monitor or supervise the actions of the law enforcement officers;
  • Failure of the officers to report cases involving the use of force; and
  • Improper training of police officers.

Because of the incredible power police officers have to make an arrest, seize evidence, and use force, when the police commit misconduct the results can be devastating. The misconduct may be so severe that the victim of that unlawful act may have the right to pursue a civil lawsuit to recover money damages.

Police Misconduct Information Center

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Definition of Police Misconduct in New York City

Police Misconduct is defined generally as inappropriate or illegal actions taken by law enforcement officers in connection with their official duties which can lead to discrimination and wrongful prosecutions. Because police officers are considered "state actors" the lawsuit can be brought under 42 USC ยง 1983 in federal court. Often these cases of police corruption involve racial discrimination or racial profiling because the police officers involved believe that minorities will be less likely to file a complaint. As videos of police misconduct become more common the claims made by the victims of these criminal activities become easier to prove.

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Types of Police Misconduct Cases in Queens and New York City

Examples of various types of police misconduct cases that can result in lawsuits for money damages include:

  • Police brutality;
  • Excessive force;
  • Stun gun or taser gun injuries;
  • Intentional false arrest;
  • Framing a suspect by planting evidence;
  • Making false claims in a police report;
  • Fabricating evidence; and
  • Sexual assault, rape or sodomy.

If you have been the victim of police misconduct, you may be entitled to collect money damages against those who are responsible. Important time limits govern whether civil lawsuit can be successfully filed and litigated so act quickly to discuss your claims with an experienced civil rights attorney for Queens and New York City.

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Police Misconduct Resources for Claims in New York City

Police Misconduct Statistics - Learn about police misconduct statistics from the CATO Institute's National Police Misconduct Reporting Project.

When Evidence From Surveillance Videos Show Police Misconduct Leading to Charges Against the NYPD - Read a New York Times article dated March 25, 2009, which discusses recent police misconduct cases caught on video which eventually lead to charges against the officers.

Addressing Police Misconduct Laws Enforced by the Department of Justice - A violation of federal law occurs when any person acting under "color of law" intentionally deprives another person of their civil rights as protected by the laws of this country and the Constitution of the United States.

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Law Office | NYPD Misconduct Lawyer

Police officials are responsible for creating a safe environment on the streets of New York. Abuse of such a key position can have serious repercussions on the victim and the community.

If you are the victim of police misconduct, contact Queens civil rights attorney Rochelle S. Berliner to discuss your legal options in a free, no-obligation consultation. Call or submit an online form to haev Law Office review your case.