Criminal Defense Attorney in Queens, NY

Rochelle Berliner represents the residents of New York after an arrest or allegation of criminal misconduct.

The criminal laws in New York are constantly changing. The time needed to resolve the case properly can take weeks, months, or even longer. The process of resolving criminal charges can be emotionally and mentally stressful. Depending on how the case is resolved, your future opportunities, finances, and freedom might be at risk.

The outcome of your criminal case can impact the rest of your life. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side is crucial to help reduce or dismiss the charges against you.

A criminal record can ultimately limit your educational and employment opportunities. You do not have to handle your case alone, and you shouldn't have to.

At the Law Office, we aggressively fight for our client's rights. With 14 years of experience working in the New York District Attorney's office, Rochelle Berliner has been on both sides of the criminal justice system. Although the criminal justice system can be complicated and unfair to defendants, an experienced criminal defense attorney can level the playing field.

Attorney Rochelle Berliner understands how to fight the felony or misdemeanor charges at every stage of the case. From the moment the accusation is made, she can begin gathering evidence to show that an arrest should not be made, and no formal charges should be filed.

If criminal charges were already filed, she can file and litigate motions to suppress or exclude evidence or dismissed the charges on a pre-trial basis. Rochelle Berliner is an experienced criminal defense attorney who is not afraid of taking the case to trial for a "not guilty" verdict.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, it is essential to consider your legal options. The outcome of your case may potentially affect your family, future employment, and housing prospects. With nearly two decades of experience, criminal attorney Rochelle S. Berliner< confidently represents men and women who have been charged with crimes in Queens, NY, and throughout the five boroughs.

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Types of Criminal Cases Handled by Rochelle S. Berliner

Not every criminal case is the same, every case is different. Nevertheless, criminal offenses can be categorized as misdemeanors, felonies, and traffic violations.

At Law Office, our knowledgeable and highly qualified attorneys have the experience and skills to handle various types of criminal cases. The following are examples of criminal defense areas Rochelle S. Berliner focuses on, including cases for:

  • Criminal Record Sealing – Sealing your criminal record in New York would prevent a majority of the public from being able to view your record. New York does not allow expungement (or expunction) of adult criminal records that resulted in a conviction. If you have a criminal record in any of the five boroughs of New York and Long Island, it is in your best interest to seek the help of an experienced Queens criminal defense attorney.
  • Domestic Violence - Domestic violence cases can have serious and long-lasting consequences. Law enforcement officers are trained to make an arrest, even if the officer has serious doubts about the truth of the allegation. The most immediate impact of a false allegation of abuse is that the accused is forced to leave the residence with a full stay-away order.
  • Drug Charges - One of the most commonly prosecuted crimes under New York law remains the narcotics and drug crimes case. Each charge ranges in severity, from misdemeanors to felonies. The specific circumstances surrounding your charge will determine what penalties you may face.
  • Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) - An individual can be charged with a first driving while intoxicated (DWI) in New York if they operate a motor vehicle while intoxicated under New York Vehicle and Traffic Laws § 1192(3).
  • Internet / Cyber Crimes - This offense can include a wide variety of criminal offenses such as computer trespass, computer tampering, cyber-harassment, internet gambling, and more. A cybercrime offense can lead to felony charges. There is no single statute dedicated solely to cyber-harassment. Instead, cyber-harassment is prosecuted as aggravated harassment under New York Penal Laws. If you are charged with a cybercrime it is crucial that you seek legal counsel.
  • Juvenile Offenses – Under New York law, the term "juvenile delinquent" refers to an act that would be considered a "crime" if it had been committed by an adult. Children as young as 7 years old and as old as 16 years old can be designated as "juvenile delinquents."
  • Marijuana Offense - A marijuana charge is treated differently than any other drug charge. New York state laws that apply to "possession of a controlled substance" do not apply to marijuana charges because marijuana is not considered a "controlled substance" in New York State.
  • Property Crimes - Although some property crimes are misdemeanor, there are other property related felony offenses in New York. For instance, under New York law, burglary is always considered a felony, either in the first, second or third degree. While criminal trespassin the second degree (Penal Law § 140.15) is a class A misdemeanor; and criminal trespass in the third degree (Penal Law § 140.10) is a class B misdemeanor.
  • Theft Crimes - It's important not to take your theft charge lightly, regardless of the amount stolen, or if the retailer attempted to enter into private negotiations with you. New York's Penal Law provides definitions of common theft offenses and the penalties for a conviction of these offenses. Some common offenses that fall under theft crime include petit theft, shoplifting, and grand larceny.
  • Violent Crimes – Committing a violent offense in New York can negatively impact your social, professional and financial well-being, along with immediately leading to harsh repercussions, including jail time and fines. The offense can include a variety of criminal activity such as kidnapping,robbery, assault, and murder.
  • Weapons / Gun / Firearm Charges – A weapon does not have to be a gun. Weapons can include firearms, ammunition, explosives, dart guns, stun guns, knives, knuckles and swords. If a law enforcement officer alleges that you possessed a loaded firearm, including a pistol or revolver, outside of your home or place of business without a permit, then you can be charged with Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Second Degree under New York Penal Law §265.03. If you were charged with either felony or misdemeanor criminal possession of a weapon or firearm then contact an experienced attorney at the Law Office.
  • White Collar Crimes – The umbrella term “white collar crime” includes a many offenses such as forgery, identity theft, scheme to defraud, embezzlement, health care fraud, mail/wire fraud, and much more. Sometimes those charged with committing white collar crimes may not realize they are committing a criminal offense or are involved in a criminal organization or scheme. Many white collar crimes are both federal and state offenses, and can be prosecuted by either or both New York and the federal government.

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Criminal Defense in Queens County, NY

If you have been charged with a criminal offense in New York, including drug crimes, sex crimes, juvenile offenses, or firearms offenses, it is important to have experienced legal counsel on your behalf.

Law Office diligently defends individuals throughout New York, including Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and surrounding areas. Rochelle Berliner’s practice is focused on criminal defense and related issues related to administrative penalties or civil asset forfeiture.

She takes a scholarly approach to cases based on alleged violations of criminal laws at the state and federal level. She understands how innovative defenses win cases.

As an experienced criminal defense attorney, Rochelle Berliner doesn't back down from a fight. That kind of experience within the criminal justice system matters.

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This article was last updated on Friday, March 19, 2021.