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Criminal Defense Practice Areas

With nearly two decades of experience, criminal attorney Rochelle S. Berliner confidently represents men and women who have been charged with crimes in Queens, NY, and throughout the five boroughs. With 14 years of experience working in the New York District Attorney's office, Rochelle Berliner has been on both sides of the criminal justice system.

She understands how to fight the felony or misdemeanor charges at every stage of the case. From the moment the accusation is made, she can begin gathering evidence to show that an arrest should not be made and no formal charges should be filed. If criminal charges were already filed, she can file and litigate motions to suppress or exclude evidence or dismissed the charges on a pre-trial basis.

Rochelle Berliner is an experienced criminal defense attorney who is not afraid of taking the case to trial for a "not guilty" verdict.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, it is essential to consider your legal options. The outcome of your case may potentially affect your family, future employment, and housing prospects. Rochelle S. Berliner is experienced in representing criminal cases in and around Queens, New York.

Rochelle Berliner focuses on criminal defense areas, including cases for:

Law Office of Rochelle S. Berliner | New York Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with a criminal offense in New York, including drug crimes, sex crimes, juvenile offenses, or firearms offenses, it is important to have experienced legal counsel on your behalf.

Law Office of Rochelle S. Berliner diligently defends individuals throughout New York, including Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and surrounding areas. Her practice is focused on criminal defense and related issues related to administrative penalties or civil asset forfeiture.

She takes a scholarly approach to cases based on alleged violations of criminal laws at the state and federal level. She understands how innovative defenses win cases. 

As an experienced criminal defense attorney, Rochelle Berliner doesn't back down from a fight. That kind of experience within the criminal justice system matters.

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Rochelle Berliner
Rochelle Berliner

Rochelle Berliner grew up in Queens, NY. She started New York Law School in January 1989 and graduated in June 1991. Immediately after law school, she started working at the New York County District Attorney’s Office, where she stayed for approximately 14 years...

  • National Police Accountability Project
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
  • New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
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