Queens Misdemeanor Treatment Court (QMTC)

The Queens Misdemeanor Treatment Court (QMTC) is part of the New York City Criminal Court system. This drug court initiative program is a special courtroom in Queens Criminal Court.

The program is centered on helping first time offenders after an arrest in Queens, NY. Participants must have only non-felony charges pending and express a desire to receive treatment in the voluntary program. In exchange, participants can often avoid being on probation or serving time in jail.

In addition to the requirements necessary to successfully complete the drug and alcohol treatment program, submit to random drug screens, and attend regular court appearance supervised by the Queens Misdemeanor Treatment Court Judge. Currently, the Honorable Joseph A. Zayas presides over cases in QMTC.

Many people contact our office with concerns about whether they should resolve their case in drug court or fight the charge in a regular division. Entering QMTC is a serious decision that can have serious consequences.

Drug court may not be appropriate if you are not guilty of the underlying charges, if insufficient evidence exists to prosecute the case, or if you do not want to undergo intensive alcohol and substance abuse treatment. Call the Law Office today at to discuss the best way to fight the pending charges for the best possible results.

QMTC Infomation

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History of the Queens Misdemeanor Treatment Court (QMTC)

The Queens Misdemeanor Treatment Court (QMTC) began in January of 2002. Since then, more than 1,600 individuals have been screened. More than 200 have successfully completed the drug and alcohol substance abuse program. The current program director is Naima Aiken.

The purpose of the drug treatment court in Queens, NY, is to help men and women who are eligible for the program and wish to participate. Individuals who participate in the program get help breaking the cycle of alcohol and drug addiction. Drug Court helps place people in the treatment program best suited for their individual needs.

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How Long Does it Take to Complete QMTC?

The amount of time it takes to compete the misdemeanor drug treatment court program in Queens, NY, depends on a variety of different factors including your charges, your criminal history, your program in treatment, and the terms of your negotiated plea or resolution. For most participants, it takes approximately 9 months to one year to complete the program.

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What is Required of Participants in the QMTC?

If you agree to participate in the QMTC then you must do all of the following:

  • undergo an initial screening;
  • sign a contract with the court;
  • enter a plea to the charges;
  • meet with a case manager to structure the treatment plan;
  • begin the treatment program;
  • submit to random urine tests; and
  • attend regular court appearance.

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Failure to Complete the Requirements of QMTC

If you sign a contract with the court agreeing to complete the requirements of the Queens Misdemeanor Treatment Court and then fail to complete the requirements, then the court will impose a certain term of jail time that was discussed when you entered the plea. As a general rule, you are not allowed to withdraw your plea or exit from the program without serious consequences.

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Contact Information for Misdemeanor Drug Court

Queens Misdemeanor Treatment Court (QMTC)
New York City Criminal Court
125-01 Queens Blvd
Kew Gardens, NY 11415
(718) 298- 0914
Fax: (212) 419-8443

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Find a Lawyer for the Queens Misdemeanor Treatment Court

If you are facing non-felony drug charges in Queens County, NY, you could be eligible for the QMTC. Law Office helps clients determine whether treatment court is truly in their best interests.

You can call or submit an online form to have Rochelle Berliner review your case during a free, confidential consultation. Our Queens criminal defense attorney will answer all of your questions and help you understand every one of your options.