Professional Licenses and Domestic Violence

There are very few crimes one can be accused of that carry more social and professional repercussions than Domestic Violence. These allegations possess an almost unbearable stigma that is incredibly hard to avoid. Like red wine stained on white carpet, the process of cleansing yourself of an accusation like Domestic Violence is arduous and sometimes impossible. To even have a shot at succeeding, you need a skilled legal team to provide you with direction and guidance.

Although receiving a charge or conviction for Domestic Violence can feel like a death sentence for your career, it is important to realize how impactful quality legal assistance can be. When you have experienced legal professionals to assist you in every aspect of your case, from constructing and solidifying your defense to obtaining character references and testimonies, you can regain the confidence and hope for your future that you initially lost.

Professional License Defense Attorney in New York City

No matter what the specific circumstances surrounding your case are, nobody deserves to go at it alone. From legal battles in court to administrative hearings by licensing boards, Law Office wants to help you navigate the process and protect your personal and professional future. Our attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced in court and in license defense.

Rochelle Berliner spent the first 14 years of her career working as a prosecutor for the New York County District Attorney’s office. In that time, she developed an in-depth understanding of the legal process in the State of New York and has since carried that knowledge over to her defense practice. She knows when to apply pressure to a case and when (and what) to investigate to determine if there are any avenues for dismissal.

If you have been charged or convicted of a Domestic Violence charge in the Greater New York City area and are facing the potential loss of your professional license, call today to begin the process of developing your defense!

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Professional License Defense for Domestic Violence Cases Information Center

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How Can a Domestic Violence Charge/Conviction Impact My License?

When accused or convicted of a Domestic Violence charge, licensed professionals almost always risk losing their certification due to established rules regarding personal conduct. If you are arrested for or convicted of a Domestic Violence charge, that information will be passed to the board that oversees the granting and rescinding of licenses in your profession. Depending on your profession, the board involved can vary.

From there, depending on their initial conclusion, the licensee or applicant can request a hearing. This hearing will be conducted by an administrative officer who will execute the proceedings but will not issue a ruling. Instead, a panel of three members of the State Board for that profession will assemble to determine an outcome. Once done, their conclusion will be delivered to the Director of the State board, at which point either the licensee/applicant or Director can appeal if they see fit.

As the investigation and hearing are centered around determining if there exists a substantial question as to your moral character, a Domestic Violence charge or conviction can seriously put the status of your license at risk. Behaviors inside and outside of the field of practice will be considered, and any criminal record or history of disciplinary action will be tallied and factored in into the panel’s decision-making process.

According to Rules of the Board of Regents regarding the investigation and decision about a licensee or applicant’s moral character, the person in question is permitted to assemble a legal defense and all that that entails for his or her hearing. When that time comes, having a qualified legal team that has been working with you since the beginning to craft and solidify your defense there with you can and will make a world of difference.

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What Can I Do?

Just because you are being put through a license discipline hearing does not mean that you are guaranteed to lose your license, or to have it suspended or subjected to any other kind of serious professional discipline. While these measures were created as a means for the Board to protect clients and patients, it is not without its flaws. Many times before, professionals have been punished for issues outside of their control, punished in excess of what they did, or punished for things they were innocent of.

This is one of the most significant reasons behind the logic of hiring a skilled attorney to represent you throughout the entire process. While an attorney cannot promise you any one specific outcome, a capable lawyer is able to provide the kinds of service your case needs as per its unique circumstances.

By ensuring you are well represented before, during, and after your hearing, you not only increase the chances of obtaining a better outcome, you can learn how to better insulate yourself in the future from potentially damaging occurrences.

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Additional Resources

Rules of the Board of Regents – This link is to the Rules of the Board of Regents regarding moral character and professional misconduct hearings. The entire process from filing to final ruling is discussed in depth, providing the reader with a decent primer on what to expect.

Board of Regents Enforcement Actions – This link provides detailed information regarding previous Board actions against accused professionals. You can get a feel for how the process unfolds for those deemed to have an objectionable moral character.

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Law Office remains steadfast in our goal to provide our clients with a firm, robust defense that combines the relevant facts of their case with our decades of legal experience. We understand the precarious position you find yourself in when you are facing a license discipline case, and we want you to know that should you entrust us with providing the defense for your professional future, our team of legal professionals will work ceaselessly to prepare you and your defense from start to finish. If you are facing a license discipline case in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, or Nassau and Suffolk Counties in Long island, and have a prior conviction or charge for Domestic Violence, reach out to us at today for a free consultation.