Larceny by Embezzlement

New York law provides for alternative theories of larceny including a charge for larceny by embezzlement. The criminal offense of embezzlement means that the person lawfully took possession of the property but then unlawfully stole the money. Embezzlement is most often alleged when an employee steals money from an employer.

Queens Embezzlement Defense Lawyer

Larceny by embezzlement is a crime of dishonesty that carries with it serious direct and collateral consequences. If you are being investigated for larceny by embezzlement in the State of New York, then contact an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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Embezzlement Often Involves Employee Theft Allegations by an Employer

Employee theft cases are surprisingly common. In many of these cases, the employee has no prior criminal record. Employee theft cases can occur with the newest employee with the company. The allegations can also be made against the most trusted employee at the company who has been in a position of authority within the company for many years.

Definition of Larceny by Embezzlement in New York

The legal definition of "larceny by embezzlement" means that a person wrongfully withholds, obtains, or takes property from an owner when, having been entrusted to hold such property on behalf of the owner, such person thereafter, without the permission or authority of the owner, intentionally exercises control over it in a manner inconsistent with the continued rights of the owner, knowing that he has no permission or authority to do so. See People v. Yannett, 49 NY2d 296 (1980).

Other Types of Theories of Larceny

The laws in the State of New York allow for the prosecutor to file charges based on alternative theories of larceny including:

  • Larceny by Acquiring Lost Property;
  • Larceny by False Pretense;
  • Larceny by Embezzlement;
  • Larceny by Trick;
  • Larceny by False Promise; or
  • Larceny by Bad Check.

Finding a Qualified Attorney for Larceny by Embezzlement Charges in New York City

If you are under investigation for or have been charged with alleged embezzlement anywhere in New York City, it is in your best interest to immediately seek legal representation. The Law Office defends clients accused of white collar crimes in the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and many surrounding areas.

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