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If you or a loved one has been charged with a criminal offense, it's important to understand the charges you face. Before you give statements to the police or prosecutor, it's crucial to consider your critical options. Even attempts to state your innocence can lead to unfortunate results. After an arrest, people are often confused and anxious. It's not uncommon to accidently give conflicting details, which can be used against you in court. Exercise your right to speak with an attorney as soon as possible after an arrest.

Manhattan Criminal Defense Attorney

An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you avoid self-incrimination and fight hard to secure a favorable outcome for your case. With nearly 20 years of legal experience, both as a prosecutor and defense attorney, Rochelle S. Berliner has a deep understanding of New York's criminal court system. She has helped men, women, and youth throughout New York City protect their futures in the court of law.

Rochelle S. Berliner focuses on criminal defense. She has also represented individuals in civil rights cases against New York police departments, in instances of police misconduct. Her practice areas include:

Law Office of Rochelle S. Berliner provides clients with the highest levels of attention, regardless of the charges they face. Rochelle S. Berliner understands that misdemeanor and felony convictions can both have serious impacts on a person's life and future prospects. During your free, in-depth consultation, she will help you understand both the charges you face and lay the foundation for a strong defense strategy. Call (718) 261-5600 to learn more.

Manhattan Court and Legal Resources

Courthouses in Manhattan County – Responsible for interpreting the law for roughly 1.5 million people, the New York Unified Court System maintains several courthouses throughout the county. These courthouses handle civil, criminal, small claims, family matters, and misdemeanor treatment programs.

Manhattan County - Civil Court
111 Centre Street
NY, NY 10013
(646) 386-5600
Manhattan County - Criminal Court
100 Centre St.,
NY, NY 10013
(646) 386-4500
Manhattan County - Court of Claims
26 Broadway, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10004
(518) 432-3411

Office of the New York County Clerk- The County Clerk is one of the city's oldest offices. It serves both the City Council and Municipal City. Roles of the Clerk include maintaining records of court matters, granting marriage licenses, and attesting to city council laws and legislation.

Manhattan County Clerk's Office
141 Worth Street
New York, NY 10013

Office of the New York County District Attorney– The New York District Attorney's Office investigates and prosecutes a high volume of criminal cases (roughly 100,000 each year). The District Attorney's Office is divided into several bureaus, each with distinct focus. This includes special victims, vehicular crimes, violent crime, money laundering, and other areas. The Office is located at:

Manhattan County District Attorney's Office
One Hogan Place
New York, NY 10013

Manhattan Law Enforcement

New York City Police Department (NYPD) – The NYPD is responsible for the safety and peace of the 5 New York boroughs. The Department takes on many roles to accomplish this task, including law enforcement, criminal investigation, response to calls, and community safety training. Working with many members of the New York City public, the NYPD fosters trust and institutes valuable public safety initiatives.

Manhattan Property Clerk– Items that are required for court proceedings are safeguarded and stored by the New York Police Department Property Clerk. The Manhattan division is located at:

New York Property Clerk Division
1 Police Plaza - Room 208
New York, N.Y. 10038
(646) 610-5905

New York County Communities

Chinatown, Greenwich Village, Harlem, Inwood, Manhattan, New York, Washington Heights.

New York County Zip Codes

10001, 10002, 10003, 10004, 10005, 10006, 10007, 10009, 10010, 10011, 10012, 10013, 10014, 10016, 10017, 10018, 10019, 10020, 10021, 10022, 10023, 10024, 10025, 10026, 10027, 10028, 10029, 10030, 10031, 10032, 10033, 10034, 10035, 10036, 10037, 10038, 10039, 10040, 10041, 10044, 10045, 10055, 10060, 10065, 10069, 10075, 10090, 10095, 10103, 10104, 10105, 10106, 10107, 10110, 10111, 10112, 10115, 10118, 10119, 10120, 10121, 10122, 10123, 10128, 10151, 10152, 10153, 10154, 10155, 10158, 10161, 10162, 10165, 10166, 10167, 10168, 10169, 10170, 10171, 10172, 10173, 10174, 10175, 10176, 10177, 10178, 10199, 10270, 10271, 10278, 10279, 10280, 10281, 10282.

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Discuss your case today with an attorney experienced in both New York City criminal defense and prosecution strategies. Rochelle S. Berliner will personally help you understand the charges you face and the defense strategies available to you. Call for your free, no-obligation consultation.