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Rochelle S. Berliner

New York Criminal Defense Attorney

Rochelle S. Berliner

Extensive Experience in the Criminal Justice Field

I grew up in Queens, NY. I started New York Law School in January 1989 and graduated in June 1991. Immediately after law school, I started working at the New York County District Attorney’s Office, where I stayed for approximately 14 years. I spent my first two years in the Appeals Bureau and then transferred to the Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor, where I remained until I left the office in May 2005.

While in the New York County District Attorney's Office of Special Narcotics, I worked on long-term and short-term investigations, a lengthy wiretap case and, of course, street-level drug sale and possession cases. During that time, I tried many cases and acquired extensive litigation skills and experience. I received several awards throughout this period, including:

I left the D.A.’s office in May 2005 and started my own criminal defense practice, which is located in Queens. I provide criminal defense and civil representation for men, women, and juveniles in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx as well as Nassau and Suffolk Counties and the Southern and Eastern Districts of Federal Court.

I have an active membership in several New York and national professional organizations. This includes:

In a case involving an undercover NYPD detective accused of falsifying documents and making false arrests, I represented Maximo and Jose Colon. The two brothers were wrongly accused of selling cocaine and eventually received a settlement from the city. You can read more about this case in an Eyewitness News investigation where I was interviewed.

Well-Rounded Experience

I graduated New York University in 1981 with a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism and began my first career on graduation day. I worked as a newscaster at a local radio station in Bridgeport, Connecticut for about a year and then became a political correspondent for a statewide radio network in Connecticut. For two years, I was based in Hartford and covered the Connecticut legislature as well as other political stories of statewide interest, including gubernatorial and senatorial campaigns and elections. I wrote all of my own news stories.

In 1984, I became the news director of a local radio station in southeastern Connecticut and anchored the morning news. About a year later, I became the on-air talent and a scriptwriter for a nationally-syndicated ski report and beach report, aired on about 200 radio stations across the country. I left Connecticut in early 1986 and did commercials and voice-over work back in New York.

A Compassionate Approach

I am both a passionate and compassionate attorney, two of the most important qualifications for excellence. I build the trust of my clients by listening to them and trying to understand who they are and what they need. I always tell the truth, whether that truth is what the client wants to hear or not.

So much of the trust is lost when an attorney, for the sake of closing the deal, makes promises he or she cannot keep. Once that foundation of trust is set, I will either push the DA for the best possible disposition for my client or I will dig for the truth and take a case to trial, forcing the DA to its burden of proof. Having also been a prosecutor in New York City, I have a real understanding of how the system works.

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, watching movies, and going to concerts. I like spending time with my family and taking long walks with my dog. I'm never very far from my Kindle when I have free time.

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Rochelle Berliner
Rochelle Berliner

Rochelle Berliner grew up in Queens, NY. She started New York Law School in January 1989 and graduated in June 1991. Immediately after law school, she started working at the New York County District Attorney’s Office, where she stayed for approximately 14 years...

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