DWI Warning for New Yorkers Traveling for the Holidays

AAA Northeast is forecasting a record number of travelers on the roads for the holidays this year. In fact the organization expects 112.5 million travelers to take planes, trains, and automobiles around the country over the holiday period. That number represents more than a third of the country and is an increase of 4.4 percent from the number of Americans who traveled last year.

Of the 112.5 million people expected to travel, the overwhelming majority, 102.1 million will likely do so by car according to AAA. Gas prices in Long Island and New York City have dropped six percent over the last month and AAA cites these low gas prices as a motivating factor in the increase in number of automobile travelers. The traffic created by that many people hitting the roads will make travel times increase significantly. Those of us who have traveled on the holidays are probably already aware of the frustrations and difficulties of driving during this time of year.

Adding to the travel frustrations will be the undoubted increase in police presence on roadways across the state. Unfortunately, holiday festivities and parties plus more drivers on the roadways also means more intoxicated drivers on the road and police are especially keen on stopping DWI offenders. Suffolk county, like many counties across New York, has already warned that law enforcement will be adding additional patrols and checkpoints specifically to catch intoxicated and high drivers.

Last year state police issued 40,489 tickets across the state and arrested 645 people for DWI during the 2017 holiday season. You can expect the number of tickets and DWI arrests to increase this year as well.

Whether you will be celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other holiday this season please be sure to plan ahead and travel safe. And if you do end up on the wrong side of the law make sure you find yourself an experienced criminal defense attorney. You can reach The Law Offices of Rochelle S. Berliner at (718) 261-5600 where we’ll do everything we can to help your case.